Our creations need tender care
Keep our products in a cool dry place and it is better not to stack them, as the tender soft items don't like it! Keep out of direct sunlight, just as you would if you own a valuable Picasso. We give the greatest shelf life by using the finest store room ingredients,
lovingly baked on a daily basis. Treat them well and they promise a good return. Servicing and after sales care
Please feel free to phone us for any product and information that you may
require. We are passionate and very proud of the products that we produce at
the bakery and it would give us great pleasure to share the knowledge with
you, that we have built up. Delivery and post cake care
After checking your order and finding all is safely delivered in good condition, we here at Fathersons would like to confirm a few important details for your products health and welfare. Our bakers are very conscious of the taste and presentation of every single item that leaves the bakery. Every little creation is checked for its delightability. Please display our products clearly and once opened they look great in a domed cake cover; it also helps reduce them drying out. Wrapping our cakes in cling film once opened, is recommended when not on display. Our products leave our bakery moist and sumptuous. Presentation and cakes tipsters
To give the cleanest cut to any of our cakes, try to avoid pushing the knife
through the product. For best results, use a sharp serrated knife and slowly
slice the product before gently moving the sliced product away.


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