Packaging & Environment

eco friendly bakers

At Fatherson Bakery we have a very simple mission on packaging and the environment.  We aim to be the first or if not one of the first Eco-freindly Bakers in the UK.
When we look at packaging and the environment we look at the materiel we use and their impact in the manufacture and waste once discarded.  Protection of our products for you to enjoy at home is also essential to ensure you can enjoy our cakes time and time again.

so far we have already...

Moved to 100% recycled &100% recyclable material for our protective packaging on our Cup Cakes, Butterfly Cakes, Seasonal products in plastic packaging and are ensuring all this style of pack is eco friendly moving forwards.

zero landfill waste...

Partnered with our waste partner to ensure zero % of our waste goes to landfill.  Not only that but any waste food is used to create Bio Gas & Electricity for the National Grid.


We send our waste card to our packaging supplier who recycles it and sends it back to us for our recycled and recyclable packaging boxes.

Look out for many other initiatives we are working on which we will share on social media and the news areas.

more to come...